How was your week?? Check out ours 👇
Tac Edge 💥 We had the lovely April advertising the Melbourne Cup sale that was a massive hit with the community as well as Banyo's Friday ONLY sale on brown box Gel blasters.
Don't forget we viewed the brand NEW Well 1911 GBB Pisol, the Cyma M4 CQB, Cyma M4 CQB NF in tan (also available in black), we did view a post from the Gel Blaster Association of Australia updating us on SA! We had the amazing April also modelling the TE GHOST in Black Multicam which is a favourite, a decent PRICE DROP on our APS Pistol range, several lives from Gilly who has been up at Banyo for the week! Who is loving the change in scenery? Or do you miss seeing the Yatala store?
And last but not least, the HILARIOUS video made by Joe with the help of our friends down at Gelball undercover (GBU). Nobody gets away with stealing from Tactical Edge. Guys, if you haven't seen this video go have a look for a good belly laugh!
Gelsoft 🔫 We saw the announcement for the SpeedQb training sessions that are now being held every Monday and Tuesday, it is $220 for the entire session (3 hours) and that covers it for your whole squad.
Don't forget we also had a reminder from Gelsoft about what to bring to the event TODAY so I hope you guys had a read prior to the event.
We also viewed the Gelsoft COMPETITION is starting this coming Friday the 13th, don't miss out on all of your tickets to be invited to the GRAND FINALE and heaps of prizes to be won!
YouTube 🖥 Gilly showed us this weeks GIVEAWAY for November 2nd & the Top 6 useful accessories for Gelsoft!
Hope you enjoyed your weekend, much love from the Tac Edge Team 🙏

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