It's been way too long since we have done a recap, with Christmas & the holidays we have been flat out! Gelsoft is booming and booking out weeks in advance, we now have a mini SHOP open in GSA Yatala, we have HEAPS of new and exciting things happening. So take a look at what happened last week 🤤👇

Tac Edge 💥 We saw lots of exciting posts about the Golden Eagle, all 4 FN FAL variants went up for pre-order, Mt gravatt and Banyo were both closed for a few days due to COVID but thanks to everyone playing their part we got to re-open on Tuesday, We saw heaps of ‘live vids’ from Gilly that are ALWAYS full of fun and helpful info so check him out if you get some time, we also did a 'Stay home sale' for those of you who were locked down over the weekend, as well as a few Co2 Pistol GIVEAWAYS from our Banyo & Mt Gravatt store. Check out our FacebookInstagram, TikTok & Youtube to stay updated.

Gelsoft ☢️ We saw how much GIRLS actually love this sport and it is for ALL ages, genders & sizes, we welcome you all and love your feedback! We also had more exciting events hosted by TTB that were booked out as always, our SpeedQB training session was also booked out, our new SHOP opened last week! We also have new charging spots for those of you who need a battery top up or just forgot to charge your battery, we will also be selling pre-soaked gels by the speedloader as of next week. Don't forget we do have a vending machine FULL of goodies. No matter your needs, we are here to accommodate.
Our Tamborine event is also in FULL SWING so get ready because it is only THREE short weeks away.

There is always something exciting happening at Tac Edge so stay tuned for more ✌️✌️

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