Classic Army MP5 SD Review

The MP5. A beautifully made Sub-Machine Gun by Heckler and Koch, built in the 60’s for police forces and special operations units across the world. There is so many variants of the MP5 its hard to list them all, but one of the most recognisable variants is the MP5SD, and this version of the Gelsoft SMG replica, developed by Classic Army, is what we are looking at today. How does it compare to other MP5 offerings like the LDT MP5? Let's find out!

First off, this blaster is a full metal construction where it makes sense, so that’s metal receiver, metal gearbox and metal gears and more importantly a metal magazine so straight away you just know she’ll be durable. Classic Army blasters always have a very quality firing feel and this one is no different. The lower, buttstock and handguard are all nylon and plastic, and that makes sense as that is what you’ll find on the real MP5SD. The suppressor is a beautiful piece machined out of aluminium.

This combination of materials makes the weight feels nicely balanced, and while there is a bit more weight than normal at the front of the blaster, you won’t feel it tipping forward like you can get with some other suppressors.

The handguard is an authentic replica of the original, however in the real steel MP5SD, the suppressor does go quite some way into the handguard, and you don’t get that here. This does free up real estate for some potential upgrades if you wanted. It feels great to hold and lets you move around easily.

One of the most interesting things with this model is the suppressor, there is quite a bit of thought and some exciting potential for improvement just in the suppressor alone. Its very easily detachable, just a quick twist to remove it from the handguard. Inside, you will see the barrel is about 3 centimeters from the attachment plate. The best part of this is that the suppressor easily has another 8 centimeters of dead air inside, which means you could build a barrel extension and hop up upgrade inside the suppressor by removing the front face off it. It’d be some work to tune it properly, but the payoff would be awesome!

The biggest point of difference in features to this Classic Army version of the MP5 compared to others like the LDT MP5 is the magazines. The LDT magazines have a bit of history being not designed for Gelsoft, and often getting issues with gels getting stuck mid feed and causing jams. The Classic Army on the other hand, seems to of fixed this issue, and looking inside I believe it has to do with the steeper angle on the feed tray. I’ve personally dumped about 10 back-to-back mags through this blaster and only had one minor jam, which is very good compared to the LDT mags. Unfortunately, these mags are not cross compatible with LDT as the mag notches are different, but some crafty people out there will come up with a solution to that, I’m sure.

Now, the performance, this is the part that impressed me most about this blaster. With a 11.1v battery, the MP5SD is doing a really consistent 300 FPS on the range and 14 to 21 rounds per second. Very good for such a short barrel blaster, but it was the reliability that impressed me most. Owning a LDT MP5 myself, I find that on a bad day, I’ll do maybe 2 mags before I get some feeding issues, which as you’d imagine is super frustrating. Not only does the Classic Army MP5SD firing feel very solid and dependable, but it didn’t once complain or jam up during 10 back-to-back mag dumps. The clustering of gels was great; however, I’d recommend a hop up to bring some of those stray rounds back into alignment.

One big concern I had was that the space in the suppressor would cause gels to maybe get stuck or bounce around inside the space inside the blaster, but it never collected anything other than mist and the occasional exploded gel from the barrel. Great work Classic Army.

Some easy upgrades for this little beast are obviously a barrel and hop up as we discussed before, but you can also add a picatinny rail, remove the back iron sights and place a reflex sight very easily. The amount of real estate you have with the buttstock, handguard and suppressor alone means there is a lot of potential here for ‘sleeper builds’, and the full metal internals means you could potentially tweak the spring or gearing to really unleash the power of the blaster.

So, what’s our final thoughts? This is a perfect blaster for those who want a quality firing experience and the reliability you get from Classic Army. The MP5SD look is iconic, and the build quality means there is an abundance of room for improvement while still looking exactly like a MP5SD. The performance is superb, and I could see myself playing quite a few events with this without constantly feeling like it’s going to crap out on me. I’d highly recommend this to anyone who wants an authentic CQB blaster and wants a reliable experience and lots of room for upgrading to your taste.

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