Colt 1911 - The most iconic pistol in American History

The Colt 1911 is by far one of the most well respected and also well known models of firearms in existence, Just like the Glock or Beretta when you see just a silhouette of it you immediately know that it is a 1911. So many movies and Games have used the iconic Pistol and who can blame them, with such simple elegance and raw stopping power the Colt .45 1911 is a no brainer.

WE Tech have produced the new range of 1911 for Gelsoft. Coming straight from the Airsoft world we are now able to get these particular models, and in my honest opinion while some might be an acquired taste, there is something here for everyone.

The Colt 1911 has been a staple for the US army as the official sidearm. As for us in the Gelsoft world we have been wanting more 1911’s to come our way, we  have had Golden Eagle, Kublai and Wells and in all honesty, they were a mixed bag.

People would complain about performance and overall material that was used in constructing it.

Now WE Tech have now entered the market with a plethora of 1911’s with great performance straight out the box and also full metal construction with the pistol grip being plastic, expect for one.

These Gelsoft Blasters have all the features that the real steel variant will have, you have your safety features first up, you have your traditional Grip Safety also the slide lock and you can half cock the hammer as well which acts like another safety as well. You can pull the trigger and also hold down the grip safety and the blaster will not fire when the hammer is half cocked. 

The advantage about the classic range is that you can change up the pistol grip to suit your personality. The Magazine is a single stack, which means the Gels stack on top of one another instead of the zig zag formation it would in other mags like the Hi-Capa. 

Apart from that the mag is full metal as well, and some of them come in sliver

One area where they could improve is with the iron sights that should be adjustable to change up. But understandably they have kept these are Authentic as possible.

The Gold 1911 is in fact 24k Gold Plated and it is more of brushed gold then a gloss gold. Which in my opinion make me not even want to take it out and play with it and use it more for a show piece, however knowing myself I won’t be able to help myself and I’ll go play with it anyways.

The whole range of TWENTY 1911 models are now available on our website, as well as 1911 magazines.

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