Gilly's Top 6 Gel Blasters of All Time


Check out Gilly's Top 6 Classic Gel Blasters of All Time 

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I have come up with my Top 6 Greatest Gel Blasters of all-time; however, as time goes on, this list may change. But for now, these Blasters that I'm showing off, I genuinely think, are great for price and performance. So here we go....

1. We Tech Glock Series GBB Pistols
Highlighted in the video I show off the We Tech Glock 17 Series. I personally think that all the We Tech Glock Series are great - including the WET models and the G18C. See below for some Pros & Cons

Glock17 Price: $349         G17 WET Price: $435        GP1799 Price: $369

- Reliable Sidearm
- Sturdy Build made from Metal & Polymer
- Comes in different Colours and Styles
- Can be customised with upgrade parts (such as COWCOW)
- Green Gas Operated
- Velocity of 280+ FPS

- Honestly, only that it is a Glock. I love everything about this pistol except that it is a Glock.

2. Le Hui Kriss Vector Gel Blaster SMG
So the Vector has been one of my favourites since it's release a few years ago. It is reliable, sturdy, can be upgraded and just looks sick!

Price: $220

- One of the most reliable gel blasters on the market
- Can be fully upgraded and modified
- Comes with cool accessories out of the box
- Ambidextrous Safety and Mag Release
- Easy for Kids to Use

- Slightly lower FPS out of the box. (But still has great accuracy)

3. Classic Army KM-10 Gel Blaster Rifle
The KM10 was released in the middle of 2021 and to my surprise became a favourite because of it's price point and reliability. Classic Army make sturdy polymer builds with full metal internals. The KM10 is a great blaster for those outdoor games. Check out my Pros & Cons Below.

Price: $299                                          Price: $299

- Sturdy Polymer Build
- Metal Internal Gearbox
- Customisable - Internal & External
- Best price point at $299
- Comes in Black & Dark Earth Colours
- Reliable Performance with an FPS of approx. 290-300 FPS

- Battery & Charger not included in the box
- Accuracy out of the box can be a little erratic. To improve accuracy out of the box install a hop up. 

4. CYMA M16 Series Gel Blaster Rifles
I have always loved the Classics and the M16 Models just do it for me. We have multiple M16 Models with the one featured in the video being the Classic Vietnam one. Pros & Cons for the One in the Video Below. I will link some other cool M16's as well. 

Price: $499                    Price: $550                     Price: $499

- Metal Receiver with built in Carry Handle
- Sturdy Polymer Stock & Handguard
- Can be fully modified on the inside to improve performance. 
- Blaster comes with 11.1v battery & charger

- Being a classic M16, there isn't much that can be done to change the external looks. 
- Can't add any other attachments (like a forward grip)

5. APS Phantom Extremis MK6 with SDU
This blaster was what got me into the CQB Game. Still to this day it is one of my favourites available on the market. The MK6 is a metal blaster inside and out with an eSilveredge gearbox installed with SDU mosfet. Sturdy, Reliable, Accurate and can be modified is why it has made it to the list. 

Price: $599                      Price: $599                    Price: $599

- Fully Metal Blaster - Inside & Out
- CRS Buttstock
- eSilveredge gearbox installed (SDU mosfet installed)
- Ambidextrous Fire Select & Mag Release
- Comes in Multiple Colour Options - Black, Tan, Multicam
- Highly Customisable
- Accurate and Reliable

- Gearbox not suitable for builds with super high springs
- Battery & Charger not included in the box

6. We Tech Hi Capa 4.3 Original M1911 GBB Pistol
        Price: $349.95
What is not to love about this pistol? Our WE TECH Hi Capa series hit the ground running with being the players choice on the speedsoft fields. Hi Capa's are highly upgradable and reliable, with Speedsoft players turning them into HPA builds with mag adapters and shaker mags. Pros & Cons Below - 

- Firstly out of the box performance is outstanding
- Metal & Polymer Build - Made in Taiwan and super reliable
- For experienced players, mag adapters can turn these pistols into HPA pistols. 
- Classic Looks is stunning
- Performance out of the box is 290-300+ FPS using Ausgel Elites
- Can be upgraded and modified with Pistol Parts (Such as COWCOW)

- I literally didn't have any with this pistol. 


Thanks for reading the blog or watching the video. For more information on our products feel free to comment on the blog or via our social media and we will assist with any questions you have. Until next time - Ciao!

- Gilly

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