How was your week?? Well, ours was awesome. This is what we got up to..
This week on Facebook & Insta 📲💻 we saw in Gilly's new video, what it's like to be left behind when all your mates are having fun (Don't be left behind, get in quick and secure your Gelsoft tickets). We also saw the awesome new Moyu Scar-L, our massive RESTOCK ALERT featuring the TE Patriot, with the all new Platinum combo's, we also saw Gilly's pretty cool Restock Alert video as well as his message announcement, the sexy looking Black multicam bundles including the Co2 pistols, the 'Terminator' shot featuring the platinum shotties, the Demo ranch bringing SEXY back!!! The awesome Zombie outbreak post involving one of our latest Co2 shotguns, the ALL NEW Noveske, Kryptec Obskura in the red that everyone is drooling over as well as our Gelsoft announcement, You can now purchase your tickets weeks in advance and also at the event **Subject to availability** and also announcing that we are unable to go-ahead with our Tamborine event due to COVID restrictions, we also showed out Platinum AK74 with real wood, Gilly doing his usual LIVE but with BIG NEWS for GSA, we also had our FATHERDAY code for Gelsoft today ONLY, and last but not least, our little glimpse of the indoor CQB field.
On YouTube 💻 We saw, Gilly's Restock alert as well as his Tech Talk: Alpha King M870 FIX, Blasted S2 EP3 and our Tech talk: Do's & Don'ts.
All of our Youtube video's are really informative so please go and check them out!!! Other than that, have a GREAT Father's Day and stay safe.

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