Did everyone get the run down on what happened last week? In case you missed it, here it is.. 👇
On Facebook & Insta 📲 we saw a Youtube video meeting the team at our brand new Mt Gravatt store. Remember, they are open Monday - Saturday, 9am - 5pm.
- We also saw 'Family night' for Gelsoft where the kids had $15 OFF the session, we also viewed a 'Warning" for the Co2 shotguns, not to dry fire them, as well as our Tamborine tickets flying out the door! We also had a big reminder to apply the 'STOP & THINK' when purchasing/using a gel blaster. We also viewed the TE Sypder looking awesome, the lovely Jazz asking the best question of all.. Who's blasting today?? We also saw a few lives from the awesome Gilly bringing nothing but dope content!
- We are also heartbroken to announce that we had to shut up shop in Adelaide!
- With several posts from Peter Clark himself setting the record straight on a few issues and that we WILL be fighting for south Australia! And that ALL donations will go towards our fight for Gel blasters (Including donations from other companies).
On Youtube 💻 We saw the new Blasted Episode with Gilly going insane & the XTP GIVEAWAY!!!!!!
Hope you all have a wonderful week ahead!! 💥😁

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