We hope you have all had a great week!
Ours has been so awesome!! Here's why.. 👇
This week on Facebook & Insta 📲 We saw Gelsoft going crazy with the all NEW Pistol & Shotgun night, the very sad goodbye to our awesome staff member Adam, we wish you all the best with your new adventure. We also saw the sexy Tactical PMC AK74 for all of our AK fans out there, The XTP in Tan with very limited stock, as well as the true CQB version of our AK Series. Powerful & Versatile. The Black Hornet in Black & Tan, Cyma M4 CQB with limited stock in certain stores. We saw the GBB Starter pack where you SAVE!! And our awesome team we sponsor, DEFIANCE!! So come down and play with our fun & thrilling team at our CQB Indoor field!
On Youtube 💻 We saw Riley's Tech Talk on Thor Maintenance

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