- MONDAY RECAP - Who had a fun weekend blasting??
This week on Insta 📲 we saw the lovely Jazz modelling the TE GHOST which we will be re-stocking soon, our sponsored team 'Defiance' rocking their squad goals, the amazing Thor which sold out really quickly, the return of the DEMO RANCH coming soon, not forgetting the slick HK ARMY face masks, our sexy Co2 pistols that we will be restocking very soon and our true CQB platinum AK with the folding stock!
On Facebook 💻 we saw Gilly with some 'News for us all' if you didn't see it, go have a look and hear his exciting news!! We also saw our pretty cool and new electric cover photo, Gilly's question to you all ' What are your top 3 blasters of 2019/2020 so far'? Among many other exciting posts..
Hope you all stay safe and stay blasting 🤙

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