-Β HAPPY MONDAY - Hope you all had a great weekend, especially for you lucky ones who made it out to Gelsoft Australia, Tamborine today πŸ™ŒπŸ»
On Facebook & Insta πŸ’» we saw our Gelsoft tickets flying out the door, our Tac edge staff member β€˜Nicki’ wearing our extensive range of tac-gear, clothing and HUSS range, electronic scoring target man, β€˜who still runs an M4A1?’, our man Gilly on Facebook doing his β€˜restock’ live, β€˜super limited restock alert’ live, our Platinum M4 or Platinum AK post, Mat’s video on the XTP & nozzle, our Killeroo T-Shirt, β€˜Would you own this’ HLF ARP9’, Happy Friday with our LDT MP5 Stick mags BACK IN STOCK!! We also saw our Gelsoft Australia checklist.
On YouTube πŸ–₯ We saw our NEW GBB pistol nut seal, Tactical edge Co2 Gel blasters & Tactical edge gel blasters.

Happy blasting everyone πŸ”«πŸ”«

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