Who's blasting today?? 🔫 We hope you have had a fantastic week!! ..Take a look at ours 😀👇
On Facebook and Instagram 💻 You saw more posts from Peter Clark keeping people in high spirits about the sad news in SA! We will not stop fighting until something positive comes of this.. So stay tuned & if you haven't seen Pete's zoom call with SAPOL, go check it out! It's awesome!!!
~ We were also introduced to the new Tac Edge model 'April' who is a complete stunner with a beautiful heart! We had her modelling the TE Ghost 💥
~ We also viewed Gilly's new GRAND OPENING video from the Mt Gravatt store, so if you haven't seen it.. Go check it out! They have amazing new staff, its full of stock and it's brand new, whats not to love!
~ On top of that, we heard the awesome news about Gelsoft's Tamborine outdoor event on Sunday, halloween events (Which we are stoked about) and the new kids sessions that have been added on a Friday arvo from 4pm - 5:30pm.
~ Don't forget we did heaps of other fun posts viewing the NEW APS Phantom Extremis MK10, Gilly's Youtube LIVE GIVEAWAY!! The Dragonfly APS & XTP (There is actually a difference between them, which Gilly also did a video on so check it out to learn the difference).
On Youtube 🖥 We viewed Gilly's video on his favourite accessories, if you haven't seen it, it's definitely worth a watch. As well as the difference between the Dragonfly APS and XTP.

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