⚡️ Happy Sunday ⚡️
Hope you all had a great weekend blasting with your new blasters!! What is everyone's current favourite blaster?
This week on Facebook & Insta 📲 we saw Earl modelling the XTP Black & Tan ( We also have them in just Tan), the Phantom Extremis MK8 looking Black tactical, the sexy Phantom Extremis MK1 ' Does anyone actually buy their favourite things in every colour?? ', We also had a reminder from Gelsoft saying that we can purchase tickets weeks in advance and at the event (Prior to the event & subject to availability), We also saw the very hot Phantom Extrmis MK9, our new SUPER-STORE coming soon at Mt Gravatt, the lovely Nicki rocking the Gen 8, our staff member Nickz rocking the Raptor, we also saw the sexy XTP Co2 pistol in black multicam as well as the sleek Phantom CQB in black multicam. We did also see good old Pauline Hanson rocking her Vector and we had an announcement from Peter stating that the extended APS mags are on their way.
Gilly also did a few lives jam-packed with info so if you have time, go check them out!
On Youtube 🖥 We saw Gilly's video on people's choice which shows the top Gel blasters of 2019/2020, Tac Edge's Pistol range Co2, Tech talk Do's & don'ts on 3 types of gearboxes and last but not least, BLASTED S2 EP4: MAGIC DOOR!!
If you have missed any of these, please go check them out!
Stay safe and stay blasting ✌️

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