Last weeks RECAP!!!

Who has been loving all of the new posts?? 😍🤤 Wouldn't it be so cool to have a futuristic blaster?

Tac Edge 💥We saw Gilly's new Classic army HK416D tech talk with heaps of helpful & exciting info, if you haven't seen this go check it out! Also, who LOVED the HPA build going on at Mt Gravatt? How COOL is that! We also had an update on the FN FAL assembly, we are all eager to get our hands on one. We also had a couple of QUIZ's, what blaster would you like to see come out in 2021? Which Pop Culture Iconic Gun would you like to see as a Gel Blaster? There was also lots of detail viewed on the TE PATRIOT, HK416 Sportline & a big decision between the Red Kryptek Noveske or the KM10.
Gilly also did his usual lives which are always interesting, that man has the goods. Riley also did a breakdown of the most highly anticipated Gel blaster of 2021, the FN FAL (We also saw a video of it shooting about 310FPS), check it out!
Don't forget the AUSSIE DAY SALE!! It hasn't ended yet, it's still going until midnight Tuesday night, grab yourself a bargain. (Don't forget we are CLOSED for Australia Day.

Gelsoft 🔫 We had heaps of fun posts about the kids absolutely having a ball, the kids sessions have been fully booked out in advance which is awesome to see so many kids having fun, we have heaps of new improvements going on at Gelsoft and still more to come. We have made it more inviting for parents to come and stay while the kids have a ball, sit back, grab a drink and put your feet up.

Stay tuned for more 🥳😎

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