Happy Monday - How was your week? Here's a glimpse at ours.
This week on Facebook & Insta 💻 We saw our massive restock post including all of our favourite platinum blasters, also stating what will be arriving in the coming weeks/months, we also had our massive restock of standard blasters, we also had our Happy Monday post featuring the Auto Glock 18 in Green (Painted), as well as our all NEW SpeedQB gear, including jumpers, shirts and hats, our 'Next stop! Enemy spawn' post with the link to our Gelsoft tickets and featuring our sponsored team Defiance. We also saw our new UBAND hopup that everyone is raving about and how to adjust your hopup. As well as our main man Gilly doing his amazing live video's on Facebook as per normal (if you haven't seen them, go check them out) and last but not least the awesome RULES video for Gelsoft Australia done by Mat and Gilly.
On Youtube 🖥 We saw Gilly's video asking who customises their Gel blasters, it is such a cool video so go check it out! He also did the amazing hit 'Blasted S2: Hot Balls' that everyone went crazy over, what a hit that was. He also did a quick review on the LDT MP5 Gel blaster, Blasted S2 EP2: Portal.
Hope you all have a great week! Stay safe and stay blasting. 🤙

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