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Its your friendly neighbourhood Moose, coming at you again with another blog entry.

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This week we are going to be covering the Wells MRT line of blasters, both the Metal and Nylon versions.

Starting with the metal range, they come in the following variants

The 403 MRT, 404 MRT, 405 MRT, 406 CQB, 407 QBS and finally the M4A1 RIS, lets break each of these blasters down.

The 403 MRT is a midrange blaster with a longer style handguard, this handguard comes with both M-Lok and Keymod rail types on the bottom and sides of the blaster as well as a standard 20mm picatinny rail on the top.


The 404 MRT will be remarkably similar to the 403 but will come stock only with M-Lok rails and the standard 20mm picatinny mounted to the top side.



The 405 will be a slightly shorter version of the M404, sporting the same M-lok configuration. Great for CQB & Milism Style events.



The 406 is the CQB (close quarter combat) variant in the range and is going to resemble an SMG with an M4 magazine giving you the perfect combination of tight quarters combat as well as maximum ammo capacity making this blaster very versatile.


The 407 QBS will be the longest of the bunch with an interesting handguard that provides Keymod slots on the very bottom for your choice of foregrip but also has small notches on the side of the handguard making it very comfortable to hold without the aid of an attachment.


And finally we have the classic M4A1 RIS, the RIS has a very blocky chunky handguard which has 4x 20mm Picatinny covering all for directions of the handguard itself.


What is so special about these blasters you ask?

The answer is FULL METAL

That is right these bad boys boast a full metal frame with metal gear boxes and metal gears.

These are the perfect blasters to purchase if you are looking to get a premium pro line blaster but not looking to spend premium money.

These blasters are all firing in the range of 240-280FPS, with the CQB and the 405 MRT being on the low end of that spectrum and the QBS, 403, 404 being closer to the upper end of that spectrum.

All of the blasters in this range some standard with semi-fire and full auto with a decent fire rate to boot.

If you are looking to get invested into the hobby and want something that is going to last this is the ideal starting point. These Metal blasters have a nice weight to them, giving them a realistic feel on the battlefield.


Next up we are going to look at the Nylon Wells range.

This set has the same models as their metal counterparts with the same features as listed above.

These blasters are all stock with Nylon gearboxes nylon gears and a sturdy nylon shell for optimum rigidity.

The Wells nylon range is perfect for those new to the sport who want something decently built but not breaking the bank cost wise, they are great value for the money.

These nylon blasters are pushing out upwards to 220FPS which is very decent given the construction of them.


Over all, at the price of the Wells Full metal and Nylon range are very hard to overlook - definitely have a look at these blasters if you are looking to get into the sport yourself or for your younger children.

These are fantastic entry points into either the proline or entry level (noviceline)

So there you have it guys, the Wells Metal and Nylon range of blasters, come on into tactical edge hobby retail locations or grab one online


Thanks for reading, we will catch you on the next one

Moose out




Given the profile of all these blasters the top picatinny rail is perfect for your favourite sight/holographic.

Mine are the MRO ( and the 556 zombie stopper (

mro sight

As far as bottom attachments you cannot go wrong with a combination handgrip and torch to blind your opponent and seize victory (

handgrip with torch

Or if you had the keymod under rails this particular grip would suit the overall look of the blaster nicely.


dytac grip

Suitable battery for the metal well blasters with a buffer tube. The Well Metal M4 Range use a 7.4v 1200mah battery with a mini tamiya plug.

enrich 1200mah 7.4v

Suitable battery for the metal well M406M CQB. The Well Metal m4 CQB use a 7.4v 1100mah battery with a mini tamiya plug.

enrich 7.4v 1100mah battery

Suitable battery for the nylon well blasters with a buffer tube. The Well Metal M4 Range use a 7.4v stick battery with a JST plug.

7.4v stick battery JST

Suitable battery for the nylon well M406M CQB. The Well nylon m4 CQB use a 7.4v  small battery with a JST plug.

short 7.4v battery



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