New Classic Army drop!

This week is Classic Army appreciation week, and what better way than to show off some of the newest Classic Army drops we have available!

The two big new drops are the Classic Army M4A1 and the Classic Army M16A2 , both of these beauties are at a fantastic price point and are shooting at roughly 310+ FPS out of the box! A perfect mix of speed, durability and power, these are a surefire win for anyone who wants a epic blaster out of the box.

And what better place to test your new blaster than at the upcoming Winter Assault event. Building on the massive fun of Battle for Supremacy last month, the field will have more upgrades, and expect even more interesting games this month, as we work towards making the best field possible!

Speaking of best fields possible, our indoor Gelsoft Field has gone through a HUGE change. Subscribe to our new Gelsoft Australia channel for more information.

That's all from us this week, enjoy yourselves and keep blasting! 


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