It’s MONDAAAAAAY - hope you’re all enjoying the weekend. Our new mega-store is humming along (new phone 07 3382 7395) and the GSA CQB area is crazy busy...PLUS...the GBB maintance vid is up on both youtube and facebook.———————————————————————————
On📱Insta this week we showcased the Pyramid AKA-105, our incoming Gas powered Shottie gel blaster range and of course the new GBB pistols. You have got to test one these GBB blasters - you’ll be grinning for days. ———————————————————————————
💻 On Facebook we showcased our ‘Pistol night’ event (sold out within a few hours), Gilly’s updates, the Desert Eagle, and our NEW GBB Pistols range. We also mentioned our shipping for all the pre- orders and we thank you all for your patience while we raced to get them out to you.
Gilly announced the latest ‘Meme’ competition winner and showcased our hand held gas powered Gel-Grenade launcher...’Thor’. Mats vid walked you through how to gas your GBB magazine and talked about maintenance. A must see for the GBB pistol enthusiasts. ———————————————————————————
Youtube 🎥 featured the ‘Bumblebee’ update, Grand Opening vid for our new Yatala store, the NEW (coming soon) Gas powered, shell ejecting Shotties and LONEX parts video. LONEX parts are next level and perfect for the discerning enthusiast looking to upgrade your blasters. ——————————————————————————— It’s been a crazy week with new products hitting the shelves, Gas powered blasters arriving and the growing popularity of our new CQB arena. With the arrival of our GBB range comes new learning. Stay tuned for further vids about maintenance and care of your new goodies.

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