Police minister's parliamentary Bill
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It's Chris Sinclair the Treasurer of the GBAA. Earlier this week Mark Ryan's office tabled to parliament some proposed changes to the weapons act which will lead the way to some regulation of Gel Blasters in QLD. With the meetings we have been having, we feel there has been a bit of a shift from what has been tabled in our last discussion versus what has actually been proposed. One of the things we we were definitely not expecting the requirement of being a member of an association to own a Gel Blaster. What had been tabled was the requirement of a genuine purpose or being a member of an association or club. 
As such, we have engaged the lawyer that attended the previous meeting with our Chairman Peter Clark, to review in more detail. 
In short, we want to ensure that what has been discussed with us is still consistent with what has been proposed, while any deviation from this, in our eyes, is completely unacceptable.
I have included the links below;
  • proposed to parliament 
  1.  https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/…/Table…/2020/5620T430.pdf
  2. https://www.parliament.qld.gov.au/…/Table…/2020/5620T432.pdf
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