Push It! - Unite Mask Review

In 2001 a small production company called “Division One” revolutionized the paintball industry by releasing one of the most legendary moments in paintball history. The documentary was called ‘Push’ and if you haven’t seen it do yourself a favor and go watch it!

Sixteen years later, Push is back in full force but this time as an innovative paintball company founded by Bryon Benini, one of the players from the doco.

Push has developed and innovated a whole new era of products by the players for the players. Lets take a look at one of their flagship products, the Unite Mask.

This Unite mask is designed for people who want the best of the best. Now there is a $349 Australian price tag attached to this Mask; however, you need to remember that these high-end masks are really a one-off investments that will lift your gameplay experience and ensure you do not regret your purchase.

When I first picked up the Unite Mask I realized it is not the revolutionary material or mind-blowing build quality, but it is better than the other high-end masks out there, hence the price tag.

Of course, the one question everyone asks, no matter if it is the $50 banger or the high-end masks, and that is "How comfortable is it to wear?"

As a reviewer, I have tried and tested pretty much every mask out there on the market.

This Unite mask is the most comfortable Mask I have ever worn, especially since I have a rounder full face. I don't feel claustrophobic wearing it.

The foam is good; it reminds me of the Dye I5; it also has a really flexible rubber in the lower portion of the Mask. I find that the other brands tend to have a more rigid plastic which can make it uncomfortable compared to this as the rubber helps to conform to your face.

A unique feature is that the Unite mask allows you to adjust the angle of the bridge of the nose, so it gives you a more snug and comfortable experience when wearing the Mask.

You can access this feature by taking the Allen key tool out of the hard case and inserting it in the tiny hole just underneath the outer lens where the bridge of your nose will be located.

This is a great feature that no other brand of masks offer, and if you're really fussy or picky about how your Mask fits, you will really like this.

The ventilation on the Unite mask, in my opinion, is on par if not better than the other high-end masks like the HK Army or Dye I5.

The one thing I’m not a fan of when it comes to all these masks is how bad the reverb is when you are trying to communicate with other players as you sound very muffled.

With the Unite mask, you do not have that issue as there is zero reverb and your voice sounds clear when you're communicating with your teammates. So it’s perfect for all the speedy boys and girls out there especially.

Are you like me where you hate catching your chin or neck when you are connecting your chin strap with the plastic buckle?

Let me introduce you to FIDLOCK, which is a superb magnetic locking system that ensures a perfect connection without needing to fumble with those pesky buckles. FIDLOCK straps are on pretty much everything from snowboard boots to motocross and skiing helmets.

If you're in a hurry to get back on the field, you can attach the chin strap in any direction with ease, and the magnetic chin strap will holds strong, which dope as hell.

The Unite is super easy to disassemble; and my first try took roughly around the 3 min mark, and once you know what need to do, you can be as quick sub-2 mins easily.

Finally, you will receive a really nice hard case with this Mask, the case is not 100% crush-proof, but it will add a perfect protective layer to the Mask, and the chinstrap also acts like the carry handle, which is a nice touch. Also, you can purchase other colour lenses to change the look of the Mask, and yes, the lenses are also anti-fog.

So in conclusion, the Unite mask by Push is a mask that will give you maximum protection while also providing amazing ventilation and comfort. Yes, it is a little on the pricey side however you will get what you pay for and the versatility as well the customization options are more than worth the asking price.

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