Sunday Fun-Day 
How has your week been? Our has been awesome.. Here's why 👇
This week on Facebook & Insta 📲 We saw our new Mt Gravatt Super-store coming along nicely (2/42 Mt Gravatt Capalaba Rd, Upper Mt Gravatt), the lovely Jazz looking great with a massive choice, M4A1 CQB or AK74U?? What a hard choice!! We also saw Gilly & Mat introduce you to our most trusted brand for upgrades, LONEX! We also saw Gilly doing a live with our fancy new face masks, as well as the sexy looking Gas shotgun (Shorty 870AOW) to be specific, the big question that never gets asked.. Do you prefer Folding stocks or Fixed?? Most people said, Why not have both.
We also had a really fun announcement that we are having PISTOL & SHOTGUN night on Wednesday the 23rd, so get ready for a fun-filled night at our Gelsoft indoor CQB field! We saw the sleek MSR in Black and in the Tan, We also met our new Staff members at our Adelaide store and saw the Assassin's Gelball event for Adelaide, so if your down that way go check it out!! We also asked the best question of all, what Pistol/Shottie are you bringing to the event next week??
On YouTube 🖥 We saw Riley's Tech Talk: Do's & Don'ts on type 3 Gearboxes and our latest product review on the MSR Sniper rifle that everyone has been waiting for.
Well that's us guys, so stay safe and stay blasting 🙏

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