Winter (Assault) is coming....

If any Game of Thrones house was gel blaster enthusiasts, it was definitely the Starks. They knew how awesome our upcoming Winter Assault event was going to be, and couldn't stop talking about it. 🤣

This week, our theme is Vietnam and we are celebrating with some offers for our brand new M4A1 and M16A2 blasters from classic army. 

The monsters are extreme value for money and are lightweight, durable and shoot extremely well out of the box. We're talking 310+ feet per second fast. Watch Gilly's video here for more info.

Moving onto Tamborine, we have some exciting changes! For those who haven't been to our Tamborine outdoor events before, here's a quick breakdown: 

Held every month, our outdoor events are a great day to test your outdoor blasters and to practice team tactics in a open field map. Open to all ages 8 and up, our city map has a CQB field, a concrete jungle, a castle, trenches and more! We use these events to stretch what is possible in Gelsoft games and experimental game modes like Gold Rush, Castle Assaults and Hostage Simulations. 🏰

Tambo Rush

This month we are going all out! For those who are our Tamborine event veterans, you might remember the old "Vietnam" field. With the catastrophic rain events of Feburary and March, that field was unfortunately flooded out and washed away. Now its back! We are opening up our city map with a "Forest" section that will allow a lot more freedom of movement across the entire map and spread out the combat, allowing for flanking and more interesting combat!

Wide Angle Vietnam Field

To celebrate the reopening of the Vietnam field, we are going to host a 2 Hour long domination game to start off proceedings. Across such a larger map, and with 'helicopter drop' respawns, this event will reward teamwork & strategy. 

That's it for this week, we hope to see you all on the field this weekend and look forward to seeing you there.

- Pixx

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