Weekly Recap
RECAP - Another busy week here at Tactical Edge and another day closer to our new mega-store AND massive CQB Centre OPENING. What features of a CQB game location are a must for you?
📹 on YouTube this week check out Gilly’s favourite blasters Part 1...Part 2 coming soon.
On Instagram📱we featured multiple colours in the ‘Phantom Extremis MK 1’, the flagship ‘TE Ghost’ and we asked to see your LOAD-OUTS. Our favourite load-out image gets featured on this page.
On Facebook 💻 we showcased the new NWELL M406, the Kublai P1 and the Tactical Gear post ‘show us your LOAD-OUT...’ Gilly also kept you up-to-date with the latest news and product updates.
So stay tuned, it’s going to be another big week for news and updates. Join our community on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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