Looking to get into the amazing hobby of Gel blasters but have questions? Or made your first purchase but don't know what to do next? Find answers below!


Gel Blasters are toys that are perfect for people who love to play! Similar to hobbies in countries such as the UK, New Zealand and the United States, Gel Blasters allow people to experience the thrill of combat sports in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Gel Blasters shoot a water ball pellet called a Orbee, which can be propelled using manual, electric or even pressurized air devices. The Orbee's dissolve and are environmentally friendly!

Gel Blasters also allow you into a amazing hobby! People use them to play both indoor and outdoor events, and can even enjoy competitions and participate in awesome communities!

Jump into the amazing world of Gel Blasters today and discover for yourself!

We ship all of our products where available across Australia. Please note that some states and territories require certain licences and permissions to own Gel Blasters, please use the Shipping FAQ for more information.

Getting hit with a Gel Blaster can feel like being flicked with a rubber band. Most gels from a gel blaster will explode on impact, and you might have a small mark from where you have been hit. These marks typically fade after a couple of hours, making the hobby less bruising than a similar hobby like paintball.

Gel Blaster Gel Balls are non-toxic and are mostly comprised of water. They are based on a super absorbent polymer and are not dangerous if swallowed. They pass through the digestive tract and are expelled naturally without causing harm. They are non-toxic, do not bind together and do not break down in the digestive process. They are also envirometally friendly and will dissolve over time.

Gel Blasters are a great hobby for younger children who enjoy mechanical engineering, tinkering and developing teamwork skills. In Queensland and South Australia, there are venues and fields where people can enjoy using Gel Blasters in exciting and interesting scenarios for play combat. Many social groups use Gelsoft (the hobby of using Gel Blasters) as a way for their children to connect and bond and develop many great life skills. It is also a great way for a unique and interesting experience during school holidays!

For more information, visit our Gelsoft field website at www.gelsoftaustralia.com.au

No. Gel Blasters are built and designed to only contain enough pressure to fire gels. Using anything other than the recommended gels for your blasters can cause damage to the internals, may cause malfunctions and can cause injury to yourself and others.

It is an offence to modify a Gel Blaster if it has the capacity to fire ammunition as defined in the Explosive Regulations 2017.

Absolutely not. Gel Blasters are only allowed to be used in private locations and settings, and must not be viewable from any public area. Gel Blasters can resemble real firearms and must be treated as if they are a real firearm to the general public. When transporting Gel Blasters, they must ALWAYS be in a enclosed case or closable bag, and transported only in the rear seat or boot of your vehicle.

Gel Blasters can not be used from any area that can be reasonably be seen from a public area. This means that if your front lawn does not have a fence or some obstruction from the street, then Gel Blasters can NOT be used there. Backyards are fine to use Gel Blasters in if they are not viewable from a street.

First Time User Guide

Gel Blasters are exciting and fun devices that can be daunting when making your first purchase. With so many choices it can be hard to know what to buy. Here is a simple list of what items would be essential for your first Gel

Blaster purchase:

Gel Blaster with magazine (all Gel Blasters come with a magazine in the box)

A 7.4v battery with the right plug. Gels suitable for your blaster. Safety Glasses or Mask (all Gel Blasters come with safety glasses)

With these items you should have everything you need to get your first blaster up and running!

With such a huge range of blasters, it can be difficult to find what gel blaster is going to be perfect for your first purchase. When looking at gel blasters, think of the following to decide if this blaster is right for you:

* Do I enjoy the look of the blaster?

* Is the blaster the right length for what I will use it for?

* Do I prefer accuracy, or power

* Am I going to make future modifications to the blaster?

For your first blaster, you might not have the answers to all of these questions, but as you learn more about the hobby, these questions will help you find your perfect blaster.

Manual: Manual gel blasters are operated by physically priming the spring on the device back and forth, similar to how a foam dart blaster would operate. These blasters are typically the cheapest and slowest firing blaster you can buy. Pistols, sniper rifles and shotguns are usually blasters that are manually operated.

Electric (AEG): Electric Gel Blasters are the most common type of gel blaster available on the market. These have a motor powered by a battery that pushes a piston back and forth to launch gels. These are the majority of gel blasters available today and most will be consisting of some combination of nylon and metal. Most people use electric for their first gel blaster purchase due to the performance and durability of the blaster.

High Pressure/Gas Operated: Gas operated blasters are specialty devices that operate on a pressurised vessel (CO canister, Air Tank etc.) to release a burst of gas to propel a orbee. Most gas operated blasters are pistols, however some high end customised blasters can be built to work off a rifle and are usually used by competitive players due to the advantages to fire rate, and accuracy. Most high pressure devices are highly tuned pieces of equipment that require knowledge of its operation and maintainence to work well.

When purchasing a battery for your new blaster, there is two main considerations to take into account, the voltage and the connection. There are more factors to take into account when purchasing a battery for your blaster, however for making your first purchase as simple as possible, these can be learnt later.

Voltage: Voltage is the 'pressure' that the battery imparts on the motor and affects its cycling rate. In Gelsoft, there are two main voltage types: 7.4v and 11.1v. Most blasters are designed to operate on 7.4v, and we recommend for first time purchasers to always use 7.4v. This mitigates the opportunity for your blaster to get damaged. 

11.1v batteries increase the firing rate however also substantially increase the wear on the device if not properly tuned. Only use a 11.1v battery if you are prepared for increased maintainence and replacement parts on your blaster.

Connection: Gel Blasters have two main connection types for batteries: Deans Plug and Mini-Tamiya. These connections offer no difference in performance and are not different from each other. Most early generation blasters or certain brands will use Deans Plugs, which is noticeable by the 'wing' clips on the sides and the smaller, square black shape.

Mini-Tamiya are usually yellow plugs, with a square - rounded square plug style, with a clip on its top. These are quickly becoming the most common connection type and are on the majority of blasters today.

All batteries will also come with a 'white square' charging plug, these are used by chargers exclusively and are uniform across all battery types. When charging, never leave your battery unattended. All battery's are Li-Po batteries and can be volatile if damaged or overcharged.

Shipping FAQ

Purchasing a product will remove shipping options and promotions and a flat $35 shipping fee will be added. This is due to extra surcharges due to shipping dangerous products. We recommend separate orders for all dangerous goods orders.

* All orders with hazardous products are processed within 2-5 business days.

* Hazardous products orders are only shipped on a stranded delivery service only and are not shipped or delivered on weekends or holidays.

* If we are experiencing a high volume of orders, shipments may be delayed by a few days. Please allow additional days in transit for delivery.

* All Hazardous Products are unable to be returned via a shipping method and are excluded from our return policy.

* Items are permitted for a in store return only if the item is returned in a new, unopened and original condition.

Free Shipping is offered to orders over $50 that do not contain Hazadous or Dangerous Goods. We must make special circumstances for deliveries of items such as Green Gas & CO Canisters, which dramatically increases the price of postage. These items will unfortunatley remove the free shippping for the order.

We recommend placing a order with no dangerous goods to gain free shipping, and placing a order with the dangerous/hazardous good to minimize shipping costs.

Sorry to hear your package has gone missing! Contact info@tacticaledge.com.au with as much information as possible to help us locate your item.

We offer same day shipping to any order placed before 2pm AEST. However, sometimes external factors may cause issues to be delayed by 1- working days. This can be due to items coming from store locations instead of the online warehouses, delivery delays and factors out of our control. We will endeavour to contact customers when appropriate should your order receive any significant delays.

Queensland has no restrictions to shipping policy, and all of our products are available to purchase. Please allow 3-5 business days for shipping, and contact info@tacticaledge.com.au for any information or questions regarding the status of your order.

All products are available for shipping to New South Wales, however customers must have appropriate clearence to own and operate a Gel Blaster in their state, as per this article provided by the New South Wales police. They are considered a Air Rifle and follow the same rules and restricitons. Products are shipped via Australia Post or by courier.

All products are available for shipping to Victoria, however customers must have appropriate clearence to own and operate a Gel Blaster in their state, as per this article by Victoria Police . Some Gel Blasters would be classified as a imitation firearm and require relevant clearence by Victoria police. 

We ship all products to South Australia, however Gel Blasters require certain provisions before shipping. Gel Blasters are classified as a Category firearm as per this article by South Australian Police. This means that any Gel Blaster product entering the state must be delivered to a firearms store. We are able to do this manually through our Customer Service team, which you can contact us at info@tacticaledge.com.au with your recommended pickup location and we will happily process it for you.

Gel Blasters are classified as a restricted device, and are unable to be shippped to Western Australia at this point in time. We apologise for the inconvenience. For more information, please read this guide for up to date information regarding your state.

All non-Gel Blaster related products are available for shipping as per our normal shipping policy.

All products are available for shipping to Northern Territory, however customers must have appropriate clearence to own and operate a Gel Blaster in their state, as per this article by Northern Territory Police. Gel Blasters are classified under Air Rifles and require appropriate licensing before ownership.

All products are available for shipping toTasmania, however customers must be aware of their rules and regulations for their state, as shown in this article by Tasmania Police. Gel Blasters that cannot reasonable be mistaken for firearms are constituted as toys. Please contact your local law enforcement for more information.

Gel Blasters are classified as a restricted device, and are unable to be shippped to ACT at this point in time. We apologise for the inconvenience. For more information, please see this site for up to date information regarding gel blasters.

All non-Gel Blaster related products are available for shipping as per our normal shipping policy.


To grow gels, pour the desired amount into a bucket or container. Note that the gels will grow to roughly 7 to 8 times their original size, and have a big enough container to grow this amount. Fill the bucket with regular water and leave to grow for 3-4 hours. Gels will not continue to grow past their maximum size so there is no need to remove them once fully grown. 

Gels can usually be stored for a couple of weeks to up to months with harder gels. If you find gels are beginning to jam in your blaster, this can indicate that they are expired and may need replacing.

Ensure that the battery connection is secure and there is no visible severed or stripped wires from the buttstock. Use a different battery if possible to ascertain if the issue is located with the battery or the blaster. If the blaster is still not firing, contact Customer Support at info@tacticaledge.com.au.

If a blaster is cycling as per normal but is not feeding any gels into the blaster, the usually indicates a issue with the magazine not feeding or jamming. Attempt to clear any blockage by shaking and tapping the mag to loosen any gels, and purge the feed tube by pushing the switch/button towards the top of the mag. If the issue persists, contact Customer Support at info@tacticaledge.com.au who will be more than happy to help.

If your blaster is emitting a high pitching "squealing" noise and you are not hearing the piston firing, this is usually indicative of the motor of the Gel Blaster not being aligned with the gears in the gearbox. Gel Blasters have their motors located in the handgrip of each blaster. There will be a large flathead screw piece typically located in the centre of the handguard. Tightening/Loosening this will raise or lower the motor to a point where the gears should catch and operation continues as normal. If you hear no noise at all, then the gears are far too low or too high and need to go in the other direction. If you are uncomfortable or unsure about how to proceed, contact info@tacticaledge.com.au.

Gels that are not firing more than a couple of feet from your blaster is usually indicative of a return spring failure. If your blaster is under warranty, contact Customer Support at info@tacticaledge.com.au who will be happy to assist, or contact our Tech Department for advice on repairs.

Gels Blasters that are firing with no trigger pull indicate that the trigger spring may of come loose or damaged. If your blaster is under warranty, contact Customer Support at info@tacticaledge.com.au who will be happy to assist, or contact our Tech Department for advice on repairs.

The gas inside a green gas canister is more dense than regular air. When filling a green gas magazine, always ensure that the gas canister is above the magazine when filling. This ensures the gas is being filled into the magazine (i.e. Fill the magazine with the magazine at the bottom and the green gas on the top.)

If your battery is fully charged but only get's a couple of minutes of use from your blaster before going flat, this is usually indicative of a battery cell failure. The battery needs to be replaced and the defective battery disposed of safely.

Gel Blasters generally use two different forms of batteries, a 7.4v and 11.1v battery cell. The voltage usually indicates the 'pressure' of the battery and will determine how fast the Gel Blaster cycles. Using a higher voltage battery will typically increase the firing rate of the blaster however there are trade offs when using a 11.1v. The increased battery voltage means that more pressure and repetitions are placed on the gearing and motors which can cause increased stress and wear on components. Blasters that are not built for 11.1v use may cause misfiring as the gearing may not fully cycle before the next stroke of the piston occurs.

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