Customs, March 2017
Ok Tactical Edge Followers, Time for the Bad news. After the Longest wait in history for the Boat to arrive, Customs has pretty much declared that the shipment is going to be seized!!! They have basically said that these items are prohibited and will not be allowed into the country. I would assume this is going to get more and more common until they are classified and Banned for good. Of course we are fighting it at the moment and there is the slighest chance that the planets align and they let the shipment through. We should know definately by the end of tomorrow if the shipment is gone. Either way we are going to begin the refund process over the weekend and into next week. There are some orders that can be refunded straight back to the credit card used, but other orders will take a bit of time to call through and get account details so we can refund all of the pre-order purchases. About half of our stock was available for Pre-order which was still quite a few hundred orders. It will take us a week or so to get to everyone. We couldn't be more sorry to our loyal customers and we wish things were different but they are not in this case. Please feel free to write to your local government representative and express your opinion at your freedoms being taken from you. As i said we will fight the case and hopefully we are able to resume in about a months time. At this stage we think it is only fair to refund everyone until we get a result from our legal proceedings. please feel free to comment on the post but we will not be answering personal messages until we have taken care of the majority of the refunds.

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