Tech Talk Journal - APS Mark 1 Rebuild

Hi Guys, Moose here from our Mount Gravatt store with a quick Tech Talk Journal from our Tech Department by one of our awesome Technicians, Raven.

This APS MK 1 was brought to us doing around initially doing about 270FPS and hitting distances of about 20 meters. Not a lot for such a high end blaster, which should be performing much better.

After some initial testing and troubleshooting we went ahead and cracked its gearbox open and preformed some maintenance and updates inside to bring it back to peak performance.

The MK1 is now operating at peak performance for a stock blaster, and just like cars, blasters require regular servicing to ensure it stays at the top of its game!

We’ve boosted the performance of the blaster by doing the following updates.

  • Doing a radius update the gearbox.
  • Re-shimming the gearbox.
  • Correcting the AoE
  • Creating a more efficient volume to barrel ratio to max distance and accuracy.
  • Cleaning and relubricating the internals.

After all the work has been completed this MK 1 is now doing a much better 320FPS consistently on our TEH Ultra-Hard gels and is hitting targets @ 37 meters with a Gen 9 hopup attached.


If you feel your blaster is not performing or can do with a makeover, then come down to Tactical Edge Hobbies and see the teams at any of our stores and we will see how your blaster can be updated to peak performance again!

-Moose oot

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