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It is your friendly neighbourhood Moose, coming at you with a Blog Just in time for this weekend’s Massive 25% of APS pistol sale
 XTP Pistols
Today we are going to be talking about the OG, the pistol that started it all and that Pistol is the APS XTP
This Pistol boasts a metal upper slide on a polymer lower frame and is available in a wide array of styles including Tan, Black, and a Tan/Black combination.
    XTP Tan/Black                        XTP Tan                          XTP Black
The thing I love the most about this particular blaster is the ergonomic feel to the flared mag-well.
Magwell XTP
It seats my hand very well leaving no gaps in my grip, but more importantly no overlap over the magazine.
It just feels nice, comfortable in my grip allowing me ease of usage and gives me a good index when aiming
Another thing I really like about this blaster is the ambidextrous safety located on the under barrel of the pistol, it sits in a location that is both accessible and comfortable
This is gas blowback (GBB) pistol operates off a 12g Co2 bulb which sits inside of the magazine. 
End Cap in APS Magazine
The magazine itself will come with a stage two valve cap, the two-stage cap is desirable because it gives you the ability to seal off the Co2 chamber before the bulb is pierced making it so that you lose no gas when tightening the valve cap into place.
This makes the magazine very efficient on gas.
Speaking of efficiency, if the magazine is tuned properly through its hammer valve you should get between 3 and 5 magazines to a single Co2 bulb with magazines consisting of ten – fourteen rounds to a magazine.
Disassembly of the blaster for maintenance is easy, simply press the mag release to drop the magazine and then push the half pin located in the bottom of the receiver out to its furthest point, then rack back your slide engaging your hammer before finally pulling the slide forward and off its side rails.
Once the top slide is off the frame, we can then get into the guts of the blaster removing the retainer spring and outer and inner barrel.
Once this has been completed simply take a silicon spray or oil and apply them to the points of the blaster where the most wear and tear/action occurs.
The locations include your BBU, hammer assembly trigger spring, slide rails and magazine o-rings
For a full comprehensive video on how to properly disassemble and maintain your GBB pistol check out this video here on our youtube page
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The pistol is accurate (to a point) to distances of approximately 30 meters and hovers around the 300FPS mark.
The pistol also provides you with a slew of customization and attachment options
The under barrel of the pistol sports a small picatinny rail to mount lasers and flashlights, my favourites being the O-light Valkyrie and the TLR-8, you can’t go wrong with either of these attachments to help you get the most out of your pistol.
You are also able to remove the top iron sight and attach an APS top rail attachment which will allow you to put red dot sights or reflex sights on the top of your pistol to help improve your accuracy.
Check out the mini compact holographic sight and the reflex sight to help increase your accuracy and get the edge on the competition
Overall, I love my XTP, I’ve personally put around 200 Co2 bulbs through mine and it hasn’t skipped a beat.
In my opinion it is the epitome of durability and you can’t go wrong if you decide to add this blaster to your arsenal
This style of GBB Pistol (XTP Lower) is also available on the scorpion, dragonfly and the bumblebee APS Pistols that are also on sale. Check them out Below -
APS XTP Style Pistols
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