Moose's AQUA by ARES GAR-001E CQB M4 Review
ares aqua gar-001e cqb gel blaster

G’day fellow gellballers and gell baller enthusiasts
Today Tactical Edge Hobbies and The Moose are super excited to be bringing you the Ares Aqua GAR-001E - One of the new ARES blaster line that is set to revolutionize gel blasters as we know it in terms of performance!

Today we are going to be talking about the moose’s favourite from the line the GAR-001E.
The GAR-001E is the CQB variant of the line and is perfect for those tight confined battle arenas where you need to move fast with little motion and energy spent. Quick subtle movements fluid….like water….aqua.
The first thing you are going to notice when you pick up this blaster is the quality. It feels solid, balanced, weighty, everything you expect a premium gel blaster to be!

The blaster is weighty but not over burdening and cumbersome because of that balanced feel. The but stock is comfortable and adjustable for players of all sizes and arm lengths so you can really find the right feel for you and comes with a quick detach sling loop for a single point sling so make sure you check out those to complete your kit.
The blaster itself comes with standard semi and full automatic fire modes to cater to your individual play style, the blaster itself will come with a standard Ares Aqua Magazine, but Gen 8 magazines and Jinji SLR Magpul magazines will also do the trick. The Aqua series also comes built in with a mosfet which will provide you with excellent trigger response allowing you to really get the most out of your Ares. Tactical Edge will soon have the programmer available for sale as well which will allow the user to change the battery to 11.1v and program the select fire to how you want it.
By far my favourite part of the blaster have to be the functioning bolt catch and built-in adjustable hop-up. When the charge handle is pulled the internal bolt will catch and lock and be released by the bolt catch lever on the left side of the receiver. It’s the little things like this that make the blaster feel realistic immersing you in the game giving you life like realism.
And finally, we have the built-in hop-up.  This innovation will change the way we play gel ball allowing you to adjust the internal hop up and dial in your accuracy without the need for an external part of modification. To adjust the hop-up simply look for the six grub screws at the base of the handguard and remove them, then pull the handguard off revealing the inner barrel, near the end of the barrel, close to your muzzle you will notice two holes, one on the top and one on the bottom of the inner barrel. Simply grab the relevant sized allen key and adjust the grub screw in those holes to adjust the built in “duck bills” to put pressure onto the gel as it leaves the barrel.
This pressure produces what is called magnus effect which puts a back spin onto the gel allowing the gel to cut through the air resistance easier giving you extra distance and accuracy, to ensure you are getting the most out of your blaster make sure you are pairing them up with the AusGel Ultra Elites or The ultra-hard gels for maximum distance and accuracy .
This Ares Aqua series are the next step in our sport, these blasters redefine gel blasters and Tactical Edge Hobbies is extremely excited to bring these to market for you all and we hope that you are going to love them as much as we do
Thanks for reading guys, we will catch you on the next one

Moose, Oot 

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